Benefits Of Dropshipping Suppliers In The Philippines

What are the benefits of dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines?

  1. Lower start-up costs
  2. Hassle-free and convenient logistics
  3. Flexible and measurable business
  4. Efficient business flow

Gone are the days when starting a business required finding the right location in order to set up our shop or hire staff members to handle our stores. Today, thanks to the advances in technology, anyone can start a business even if they’re alone in the comfort of their homes. To start a dropshipping business, you only need a product idea and a trustworthy dropshipping supplier. 

Without a supplier, a dropshipping business would not have any products to ship to customers. Ultimately, it ceases to exist.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines to know how it greatly and efficiently impacts and helps every Filipino entrepreneur and those who are aspiring to become one. Read more below.


What Is Dropshipping?

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment option allowing every e-commerce business to outsource procuring, storing, and shipping their products to a third party such as a supplier. In a dropshipping business model, the dropshipping supplier sends the products to customers on behalf of the retailer. The focus of the dropshipping supplier is to stock and ship the products once a retailer has paid. 

Continue reading on to discover the different benefits of dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines. 


Lower Start-Up Costs

With the help of dropshipping suppliers, you don’t have to build an empire of logistics infrastructure, which means you don’t need to get a handful of money from your pocket to spend on it. Hence, the costs for inventory, warehousing, staffing, security, and shipping will not be of a big concern to you. 


Hassle-Free And Convenient Logistics

One of the great benefits of dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines is they can offer several shipping options for sending goods to your customers. These prevent you from requiring a complicated logistical system. 


Flexible And Measurable Business

Today, it’s so easy to offer new online products to your customers with just a click of your finger and without eating away at your budget! You can also find other suppliers aside from your existing suppliers. Just inform them you have a dropshipper to successfully deliver the imported products to your customers.


Efficient Business Flow

Dropshipping can help your business operate efficiently by streamlining invoicing and cash flow. The only thing you need to focus on is the linear flow of your customer's money to the supplier. And, as long as your customers pay you their orders, you can then pay the supplier and let a dropshipper handle the delivery of the imported products at an affordable price.


How Does Dropshipping Work?

How Does Dropshipping Work?

The exact logistics of a dropshipping supplier depends on the arrangement, but generally, the dropshipping works on this following sequence.

  • The online seller signs an agreement with a dropshipper.
  • The online seller chooses what products they like to sell to their customers and import.
  • The online seller adjusts the prices of their store products for profit margins.
  • The online seller will market or advertise their products online to get customers.
  • The customer orders from the seller’s online shop.
  • The customers will pay the online seller.
  • The online seller will notify the customer of their order confirmation.
  • The online seller forwards the customer’s order, payment details, and other order information to a dropshipper.
  • The dropshipper will ship the order after getting the necessary information and fulfilling the process.
  • The customer receives their imported products.


Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve provided you with the benefits of dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines. Dropshipping is a business model that online sellers in the Philippines can use. 

At this point, you might have already vetted what products you want to offer to customers. Make sure you find a dropping supplier in the Philippines that provides high-quality services. 

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