How to order from Alibaba and using CargoBoss Philippines to forward your shipments? (Step-by-step process)


Our Prices are PRO-RATED. Our price is P9,250/CBM ALL IN . Packages below 0.200 CBM have a fixed rate of P1,850 . We only charge by total CBM multiplied by P9,250. Rates are already inclusive of customs taxes and duties, warehouse storage fees, and documentation fees . You may estimate the total costs of your shipments by clicking here. We offer FREE DELIVERY for shipments 2 CBM and above (should be within 35km away from our Malabon Warehouse).

Step 1.  Install Alibaba App or visit the website at Find the products that you like to import. Ask at least 3 suppliers of the same product for you to be able to canvass and get the best price.

Step 2. Ask the supplier for the estimated details of the products that you will order: 

 Item Description
 Box Dimension (Total CBM)
 Weight in Kilograms
 Total Number of Boxes
 Or Simply ask the Total CBM and Weight

You can now message CargoBoss with the info above so we can give you a proper quotation for your shipments. Afterwards, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3. Tell your supplier that you have a forwarder (CargoBoss).  Your shipping terms should be EXW, this means that the supplier will only ship your items locally in China. Ask from your supplier which of our China Warehouses (Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shishi) is the nearest to him/her so that you can save on shipping costs from your supplier's warehouse to our China warehouses. 

Step 4.  Message our Facebook page and ask for the address of the nearest China Warehouse to your supplier. Once we have given you the address of our China Warehouse, please ask for the PI or Proforma Invoice. The Proforma Invoice will contain the following:

(Total Price of items + China Local Shipping fee to CargoBoss China Warehouse)

If you're okay with the price, you can now pay your supplier. 

Step 5.  You can now pay your supplier. You can pay your supplier via Alibaba Trade Assurance. Ask for a payment link from your supplier, then you will be redirected to the payment page. You can use Debit Card, Credit Card, Paymaya Virtual Card, or Gcash Mastercard. If you think you can trust your supplier and you want to avoid big transaction fees, you may also message CargoBoss Philippines to avail of our Pabayad Service. You will pay us in PHP and we will pay your supplier in RMB/CNY via China Bank Transfers, WeChat pay, or through Alipay.

After doing your payment. Please tell supplier not to ship your packages yet, because you need to put a shipping mark/code on your boxes. 

Step. 6 Go to our website and click "Book A Shipment"

Choose between: Guangzhou to Manila, Yiwu to Manila, Shishi to Manila. Fill up the necessary details. Please note that Total CBM and Total Number of Boxes can just be estimates only. After successful booking, you will receive an Email confirming that booking was successful. Open your Email to get your Unique Order Number Code. Read all the details, and follow the instructions provided.

Step 7.  Send your Unique Number Code to your supplier. Ex. (CBOSS-XXXX), and ask your supplier to put this as shipping mark for all of the boxes. Ask for a photo of the box with the codes visible. Packages are now ready to be shipped. Once received by our warehouse, you will receive an Email confirming that we indeed have received your packages from our China Warehouse. Wait for your packages to arrive to our Malabon Warehouse within the given time frame.

China Warehouse Addresses 

 Shishi Branch Address
Please chat our Facebook Page for our China Warehouse Addresses.
 Guangzhou Branch Address
Please chat our Facebook Page for our China Warehouse Addresses. 
 Yiwu  Branch Address
Please chat our Facebook Page for our China Warehouse Addresses.
 Fujian Branch Address
Please chat our Facebook Page for our China Warehouse Addresses.

Sample of box labeled with CBOSS Unique Order Number Code




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