Guide to Sea Freight Forwarding Services in the Philippines

International commerce has been using sea transport for centuries as the main method of delivering various products with high load capacity. It’s the preferred mode of transportation, especially during bad weather. Today, plenty of e-commerce companies rely on sea freight forwarding services for shipment across long distances.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the different sea freight forwarding services in the Philippines to get you familiar with them. Read on to learn more.

What is Sea Freight Forwarding?

What is Sea Freight Forwarding

Sea freight forwarding is a mode of transportation essential for large amounts of goods using cargo ships. These goods are securely packed into huge containers that are then loaded onto a vessel or ship. Generally, a cargo ship can transport around 18,000 containers, which makes sea freight forwarding the most cost-efficient transporting method for heavy and high quantities over large distances.

What are the Different Sea Freight Forwarding Services In The Philippines?

Sea freight forwarding is an essential part of transporting goods. Moreover, there are different sea freight forwarding services available in the Philippines.

Full Container Load

Full Container Load (FCL) is used for shipping large items such as furniture, cars, and heavy machinery. Specifically, FCL ships one 20ft, 40ft, or 45ft container filled with cargo, flat racks, and open-top containers. And, since there are various types of containers, you can ship almost anything, even perishable goods, from other countries to the Philippines.

Less than Container Load

On the other hand, Less than Container Load (LCL) ships goods that don’t fill a standard container. A container is filled with cargo from multiple recipients, who all share the space within it. Once the container has arrived at the destination port, the goods will be separated at a container freight station.

For small shipments, LCL is more convenient than FCL as its total cost of shipping is smaller than the full container. Moreover, LCL lets you send your goods when you need to instead of waiting until a container has been filled with products (FCL).

Roll On, Roll Off

Roll On, Roll Off (RORO) is known as the cheapest and easiest option for shipping cars or transporting various types of vehicles. Specifically, vehicles are moved straight onto the RORO ship where they’re securely braced, tied down, and blocked inside the cargo ship to ensure its full security from the movement of the ship.

Dry Bulk Shipping

For homogeneous products such as salt, sugar, sand, and cement, the best sea freight forwarding service to choose from is dry bulk shipping. It lets the products be dropped or poured into the bulk carrier. 

Generally, there are two categories of bulk products: minor and major. The first one includes products such as cement, fertilizers, and minerals while the second one includes coal and iron ore. Hence, dangerous products are also carried through dry bulk shipping as these products require safety special measures, especially during discharge, shipment, and loading.

Liquid Bulk Shipping

More often than not, hazardous goods fall into liquid bulk shipping. These goods are crude oil, fuel oil, and petrol. They are usually shipped on large tankers and then carried out to facilities. Furthermore, these goods are subject to regular monitoring and inspections to guarantee they are secure until they’re transported by cargo ships.

What Makes Sea Freight Forwarding Services Efficient?

What Makes Sea Freight Forwarding Services Efficient

Both small and large-scale businesses that rely on sea freight forwarding services leverage its efficiencies such as:

Competitive Freight Costs

Sea freight forwarding services provide the most competitive freight costs to recipients. Generally, it’s six times less expensive than air freight. That’s why it’s not debatable to say that sea freight forwarding services are the cheapest international shipping option.

Accommodates All Your Needs

Sea freight companies like CargoBoss can accommodate all your needs, from smaller shipments to large goods from China to the Philippines. Usually, we group the smaller shipments with other cargo to fill the whole container, allowing for cost-effective sharing of transportation services. With our sea freight forwarding services in the Philippines, you’re guaranteed that all your goods, even in high volumes, will be carried with security.

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve presented a guide to sea freight forwarding services in the Philippines. Whatever you need to ship from China to the Philippines, CargoBoss will gladly help you find the cargo service based on your requirements. 

Our CargoBoss team will take care of all the documents, processes, and shipments of your goods and will deliver them right to your doorstep. Got further questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to CargoBoss today

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