How To Import Products From China To The Philippines?

How to import products from China to the Philippines?

  1. Register as a lawful importer
  2. Find the right supplier
  3. Negotiate with your supplier
  4. Place your order
  5. Look for a forwarding company
  6. Proceed to payment and shipment

All the countries are connected and inseparable from each other via trade and business needs. It helps to fulfill one country’s needs from another country. That’s why the importation process mostly takes place between nearby countries or in the same region. China and the Philippines are two examples of nearby countries. They are both from Asia and mostly complement each other’s economic needs for mutual benefits. 

In this blog, CargoBoss will provide you with a detailed look at the procedure about import products from China to Philippines.

How To Import Products From China To the Philippines?

Importing products from China to the Philippines is not easy. You have to accomplish the steps on how to successfully import products with the help of CargoBoss — the most trusted and reliable forwarding company in the Philippines!

Register As A Lawful Importer

The first procedure you must accomplish is registering yourself as a lawful importer with the help of government departments and agencies.

Here are the next procedures to complete:

  • The Bureau of Internal Revenue will issue you an Import Clearance Certificate that you can use for 3 years.
  • Register your business with the Bureau of Customs and open an account in the Client Profile Registration System, which must be renewed annually. The renewal takes a maximum of 15 working days with a fee of around Php 1,000.

Find The Right Supplier

The first thing to do is find the right supplier. Importing products starts with a good supplier that can offer the products you need. You can find one online and make sure that they have all the standards and requirements you’re looking for in the right supplier.

Negotiate With Your Supplier

Negotiate With Your Supplier

The next step is to deal with your supplier regarding your orders. Check the quality of the product, payment terms, time of delivery, and so on. Make sure that everything is all set out and clear before you go to the next step. 

Place Your Order

Once the terms and conditions are settled between you and your supplier, you can now place your orders.

Look For A Forwarding Company

Look For A Forwarding Company

As your order process is about to be completed, you have to look for a forwarding company that will move your cargo to your country. As the leading forwarding company in the Philippines, CargoBoss offers affordable rates at 10,000/CBM All-in if you place your order from Alibaba, a Chinese marketplace online where buyers and suppliers meet. We charge by summing up the total CBM multiplied by P10,000. For packages with greater than 400kg/CBM and above, we charge by the total KG multiplied by P25. Moreover, rates are already inclusive of custom taxes and duties, documentation fees, and warehouse storage fees.

Ask your supplier for the estimated details of your order such as item description, box dimension (total CBM), weight in kilograms, and the total number of boxes, or ask for the total CBM and weight then message us with the info above so we can send you the right quotation for your shipments.

CargoBoss doesn’t accept any type of illegal and harmful products such as drugs, firearms, replicas, and such.

Proceed To Payment And Shipment

After your order process is completed, your forwarder will process it to your supplier for you. You can now pay your supplier thru Debit Card, Credit Card, and other payment methods. Moreover, the forwarder and the supplier will deal with the Chinese customs, and your orders are loaded on the ship and will arrive in the Philippines.

Import Products From China To the Philippines

China and the Philippines are very close trading partners as China has exported goods that cost between US$32-35 billion in 2018-2019. In the same years, the Philippines has also exported goods to China between US$13-14 billion. Today, China manufactures tons of products which results in no buyer shortage for every product they produce. 

Now, what are the commonly imported items from China to the Philippines? Let’s take a look below.

  • Machinery, boilers, nuclear reactors
  • Iron and steel
  • Electronics and electrical tools
  • Products made of steel and iron
  • Plastic products
  • Oil, distillation, and mineral products
  • Furniture items
  • Lighting signs
  • Ceramic products
  • Motor vehicles
  • Prefabricated buildings

Key Takeaway

We’ve just provided you with everything you need about how to import products from China to Philippines. Fortunately, there are forwarding companies that can help you to successfully get your orders from China. Make sure to look for a forwarding company with a great background and years of experience in shipping cargo from China to the Philippines.

Here at CargoBoss, we offer affordable rates and make sure to update you from time to time regarding your order.

Partner with CargoBoss today for a hassle-free importing of products from China to the Philippines! Our team will take care of all fees and custom taxes, and yes, there are no hidden charges. Contact us today to find out more!