Tips For Importing In The Philippines

What are the tips for importing in the Philippines?

  1. Check if your orders are ready for shipping
  2. Get the size and weight of your package
  3. Ask if your package has internal packing and taping
  4. Listen to your customers’ request
  5. Beware of online scammers
  6. Expect longer delivery times
  7. Partner with the best forwarding company

Many online business owners want to expand their business as it is a huge step toward their business goals, so it’s pivotal to do it right. After all, you don’t want to experience late arrival of your packages, damaged or lost items, and instances that would potentially decrease customer satisfaction. However, if you learn all these tips for international shipping in the Philippines, you can avoid these things.

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Check If Your Orders Are Ready For Shipping

Check If Your Orders Are Ready For Shipping

First, you need to ask your supplier if your orders are ready for importation. Ask them if your orders can withstand the pressures of international shipping since other items will be arranged along with your orders for shipment. Aside from secure packing, they should also make sure that the items are packed properly.

Second, tell your supplier to choose strong and sturdy boxes for your orders to ensure that they can withstand tilting and some swaying once the cargo shipment takes place.

Get The Size And Weight Of Your Package

When ordering items internationally, you must ask for the size and weight of your package from your supplier and give the details to your partner forwarding company.  

After that, the forwarding agent will give you the rate of your package to be delivered upon arrival in the Philippines.

Ask If Your Package Has Internal Packing And Taping

Ask If Your Package Has Internal Packing And Taping

Unfortunately, some suppliers don’t focus on the internal packing and taping of the packages they will ship in the Philippines, especially for fragile items. It results in damaged and broken items that frustrate many customers. 

As an online business owner, you should ask if the supplier has also packed and taped the items inside the box. We highly recommend having bubble wraps and fillers inside the boxes if the items to be shipped are fragile in nature.

Listen To Your Customers’ Request

It’s quite hard to order items internationally, especially during shipment, because you will only see if the items are well-packed and complete once they arrive at your doorstep. With this, listening to your customer’s requests is a must. It’s also a great way of showing them that you’re making an extra effort to improve your items from your international supplier.

Don’t hesitate to ask for their feedback after you give them their orders. Ask if the items that were delivered are in good condition. Knowing your customer’s request and feedback will surely help your business to grow as well.

Beware Of Online Scammers

Scammers are prevalent online so there may be some instances where you may encounter some. Even some of the largest suppliers in the world deal with scammers when shipping their products to the Philippines. 

With this, we recommend buying only from legitimate and trusted suppliers. Websites such as Alibaba provide assurance that suppliers are legitimate through their screenings.

Expect Longer Delivery Times

Because overnight international shipping is impossible, you have to expect longer delivery times. At times, it’s frustrating especially when your customers start throwing you questions about their orders. That’s why it’s important to partner with a forwarding company that can track your shipments from China to the Philippines in real-time. 

Here at CargoBoss, you will be sent regular updates on the status of your shipments via e-mail.

Partner With The Best Forwarding Company in the Philippines 

Partner With The Best Forwarding Company in the Philippines

By finding the best forwarding company in the Philippines, you’re ensured that your orders are secured, safe, and will be delivered on your expected date of arrival. If you partner with CargoBoss as your forwarding partner, we will ensure that shipping from China to the Philippines will be as hassle-free as possible!

Partnering with us will ensure that importing will be affordable. Our rates are already all-in, meaning rates are already inclusive of customs taxes and fees. We also ensure our customers that there would absolutely be zero hidden charges!

Key Takeaway

Pursuing an online business is not easy as you will face tons of competing sellers and shops online. However, it’s the quality of your products and customer satisfaction that can make you stand out from them, and with the help of the most reliable and expert forwarding company in the Philippines — CargoBoss!

By learning all the tips for international shipping in the Philippines, you will then get the goodwill of your customers. Are you an online seller who’s planning to order products from China? You can contact CargoBoss today and we’ll guide you through all the details you need for importing from China to the Philippines.

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