7 Factors that Affect Shipping Costs From China to the Philippines

What are the factors that affect shipping costs from China to the Philippines?

  1. Weight and dimensions
  2. Shipping distance
  3. Tax and duties
  4. Peak seasons
  5. Demand for freight
  6. Delivery time
  7. Surcharges

As e-commerce continues to thrive in the Philippines, plenty of online retailers hesitate to operate when shipping costs spike their wallets. To make up for this, however, some retailers choose to purchase goods from China to save money while still earning profit. 

Moreover, the unpredictable surging of online transactions affects the shipping cost from China to the Philippines. In this blog, we’ll discuss the factors that affect the shipping fees you pay to help you prepare before you purchase orders from China. Continue reading!

Weight And Dimensions

Weight and Dimensions

The weight and dimensions of your package affect the cost of its shipping, especially if it’s heavier and larger. Fortunately, there are solutions to help you save on shipping your items even with heavier parcels. For instance, you can partner with a sea freight forwarding company like CargoBoss to take care of your package alongside its documents, payment, and delivery right to your doorsteps. This additionally ensures that your packaging materials are safe and highly secure.

Shipping Distance

Secondly, the shipping distance is also a main factor in the cost of shipping, especially if the parcel will be delivered from an international country. That’s why Filipino business owners are purchasing products from China since it’s a lot closer than other countries, which prevents them from getting charged high shipping costs. 

At CargoBoss, we have affordable shipping rates, and it’s because we have three warehouses in China—Guangzhou, Shishi, and Yiwu!

Tax And Duties

Certainly, international shipments are costly because of taxes and duties that need to be settled before you can have your goods delivered to the Philippines. Besides that, you also need to provide the necessary information to the office and prepare the documents, which will require you additional time.

Luckily, you can exclude yourself from this stressful process by letting us handle your shipping goods as well as the papers required to get your goods delivered by cargo—all of these at an affordable rate!

Peak Seasons

Peak seasons have a huge influence on the shipping cost from China to the Philippines. Higher demands are equal to higher costs. That’s why it’s essential to be ready if you’re planning to import items. Avoid importing goods from August to October as historically, it is the main and long shipping season, with back-to-school and holiday shopping demands. 

On the other hand, the shorter peak season usually happens around January to February in anticipation of the Chinese New Year, when most manufacturers in China are off to work for a week or more.

Demand For Freight

Demand for Freight

The shipping cost from China to the Philippines also depends on the volume of products shipped by operators. If the operator’s cargo capacity is limited, they are more likely to ask for a higher cost to make space for your goods. And if the demand is slow, they may offer you a more affordable rate, at least in short term.

If you want to get a fixed rate when delivering your goods from China to the Philippines, you can team up with CargoBoss. How? Purchase goods from Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce website, and you can enjoy our affordable P10,000 all-in rates—customs and taxes included!

Delivery Time

The international standards for delivery times may vary, depending on the distance a cargo ship is pointing to, but if you want fast delivery, you might spend more money for that, especially if you want a special service.

Here at CargoBoss, importing is made easy as we inform our customers about the delivery progress of their goods until they receive them right outside their homes. Our staff also answers any inquiries our customers may have regarding the delivery information of their packages. You can see our customers’ reviews regarding our successful shipments here!


Finally, surcharges, also called additional payment, can raise your shipping cost even 2-3 times more due to several factors such as the unpredictable price of fuel, time, space, difficult-to-transport goods, and other operational surcharges.

Additional payment is something that you, as a customer, would not want to look forward to. That being the case, you should partner with a sea freight forwarder in the Philippines like CargoBoss to guarantee you the affordable shipping rates you deserve.

Key Takeaway

As you can see, these factors that affect the shipping cost from China to the Philippines might be impossible to calculate or resolve. However, there’s still a solution to keep yourself away from these dreadful factors.

Partner with the leading sea freight forwarder in the Philippines: CargoBoss! We import goods from China to the Philippines with the best and most affordable shipping rates available in the market.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to inquire at CargoBoss today. You’ll likely receive a reply from us within the day.